IS2000: Mercury: Enabling Milestone Support of Mercury Events

Please follow the steps below to enable Milestone ACM support of Mercury events from controllers and sub-controllers.

  1. Locate the IS2000 program files folder (located at where you installed IS2000). Open the “Lib” folder. Open the “x64” folder. Copy all of the files in this folder.
  2. On the Milestone XProtect Server, navigate to the following:

C:\Program Files\Milestone\XProtect Event Server\MIPPlugins

Locate the folder where you have the ACM files. In the example below, the ACM files are located in the “IMRON Corporation ACM” folder. Place the files you copied in step one into this folder. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1


  1. To view the development property panel in Milestone, go to “Tools”, then “Options”, and then “Access Control Settings”. Click on “Show development property panel”. (See Figure 2) The development property panel is generally used for debugging.

Figure 2


  1. If you have changed your configuration (i.e. this is NOT a new install and you are updating the ACM files in the Milestone/Event Server/MIPPlugins folder), you will need to refresh the configuration, as there could potentially be new hardware to support and changes to the events.