Excluding the IS2000 Folder Within Your Anti-Virus Software

Preliminary Considerations

Note: This guide applies to all anti-virus software. In this guide, our figure shows the Malwarebytes software. Generally, the steps are the same, regardless of which anti-virus software is used.

Why must the IS2000 folder on the server and client-workstations be excluded from being scanned?

When installing the IS2000 software, you MUST temporarily disable or shut down your anti-virus software. Anti-virus software will cause communication errors between the IS2000 software and the hardware. Thus, the IS2000 folder MUST be exempt from being scanned by the anti-virus software AFTER the installation of IS2000.

Excluding the IS2000 Folder Within Your Anti-Virus Software

  1. Navigate to the settings tab of your anti-virus software. Within the settings tab, there should be a window for exclusions. (See Figure 1)

Note: The location of the settings tab will depend on which anti-virus software you use.

Figure 1:


  1. Select the following remote path: C:\Program Files (x86)\IS20000. Save your changes.

Note: The path in the example above is the default remote path. The remote path of the software can change depending on where the user saves the IS2000 application.