General Configuration Options

To modify or view the Configuration Options for the Access Control Security Application, go to the Windows Start Menu, All Programs, Access Control Security Application, and Configuration.  

License Type – During the installation process the License Type is automatically selected based on the type of installation chosen.  To change the License Type from Client to Server or from Server to Client, click to the right of License Type and select the desired License Type from the pick list.
Click on the Save changes button to save any modifications that have been made.

Site Description – During the installation process the installer is prompted to enter a Site Description, this option can be modified by typing in the field provided to the right of Site Description from the Configuration Options window.

Event Speech – Voice annunciation on event can be configured by setting the Event Speech option to a value of True.  Once this option has been configured and saved, when the Access Control GUI (Graphical User Interface) is on the Event Manager Module an annunciation of the event will be used.

NOTE:  If the Access Control application was running when the configuration of the feature took place, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) will need to be closed and restarted prior to the feature taking affect.

Days of Non-Use Before Card Deactivation – Number of days from 0 to 1000 that can be set for the system to deactivate a card if the card has not been used.  0 will turn this feature off.