Group Edit Append Access Levels

Appending an Access Level or Access Levels to a Personnel Record or group of records

  • Navigate to the Personnel Manager module.
  • Unlock the module.
  • Use the Filter command to select a group of Personnel records that you wish to group edit. The Filter button can be found next to the Find button (adjacent right) just below the Command toolbar.
  • Define the criteria for the Filter and click on the check button.
  • This will display a subset of the Personnel records with an Orange header based on the filter that you defined criteria.
  • Open up the Group Edit command window from the Command Toolbar. The Group Edit command button is depicted by a pencil editing a group of card files.
  • Once the Group Edit window is open, select the ‘Append Access Level(s)’ tab.
  • Select the Controller Group and then select the Access Level(s) from that Controller Group that you wish to add to the subset of Personnel records that are currently being displayed in Personnel Manager.
  • Click the check button and confirm your selection.
  • Depending on how many records are being edited, it may take some time and you will see an hour glass as your cursor icon. Approximate wait time varies but should not take more than 20 minutes for 17000 records.
  • Repeat the steps above for other subset Personnel groups and/or Access Levels.

Once Access Level(s) have been appended to the Personnel record(s), for all of the groups, a manual download of the Personnel records will need to be done in order for the new changes to take effect in the field. We recommend doing downloads of Personnel records during off peak hours. For the most part if someone’s card is denied access while the system is downloading, the system will do a download on demand and prioritize the download for the denied card so when the user presents their card again (after approximately 10 seconds) it will work the 2nd time and thereafter (assuming that they should have proper access to that reader).