Hardware Manager – Configuring the Camera Properties

Hardware Manager
Configuring the Camera Properties

From Hardware Manager Click on the pad lock to allow editing of the Hardware Module.
Click to the left of the Sub-Controller to expand the Sub-Controller tree. Select a camera from the tree.
From the Cameras Properties box, assign a camera name. To assign the name click in the text box to the right of the Description tag and enter the desired camera name.
Video Parameters
o authtype~basic or authtype~window
o username~[name of the login] o password~[password] o camname~[url encoded display name of the camera] o ip addr~[ip address of the server and port]

Example: authtype~basic username~axis password~axis ip-addr~ camnam~%5BToshiba%5D%20Camera%201

Once the cameras have been defined, the operator can right-mouse click on the camera and view live video from the device. The device can also be associated with hardware points within the application using the Video_Linking property of the device. Any alarms / events that occur on that device will call-up the associated camera. Any device with a camera associated to an event / alarm will also display a camera icon in the History Events report.