HID: HID Reader Combo Prox and Keypad 5355 – PIN Reading Issue

The P/N number for the unit must have ’09’ at the end of the model number. Example: 5355AGK09. ¬†This allows the PIN and Card read to be treated as to different and distant signals and events. Any other number (for example 14) would provide a Wiegand signal for the PIN that can be confused as card read.
The IMRON preferred format is ’09’ which provides a 8-bit burst.
If the model of reader is anything else, a reformat card is available that when presented to the reader at power-up will change the signal format.

Card Model #: R-H-Prog-Card
Reformat Card for Combo HID prox/keypad Readers

ProxPro Configuration Setting options are as follows (factory programmed):
00 = Buffer one key, no parity, 4 bit message
09 = Buffer one key, add compliment, 8 bit message
10 = Buffer six keys and add parity
11 = Buffer one key and add parity
14 = Buffer one to five keys (Standard 26 bit output)
19 = Buffer four keys and add parity
20 = Single Key buffering
21 = Supervision Mode