How to Convert 26-bit Raw Card Number from Event Manager to the Card Number

Open the Windows Calculator; this can be done by clicking on the Windows Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, Calculator.

From the Windows Calculator, click on the View Menu item and select Scientific.

Click on the Decimal Radio button if not already selected.

Type in the number that was shown in the IS2000 Event Manger.

Click on the Bin Radio button to convert the number to Binary.

Copy the number displayed by clicking on the Calculators Edit Menu Item.

Open Notepad, this can be done by going to the Windows Start Menu, Run, Type in the word Notepad and hit the enter key.

Paste the number into Notepad.  After the number has been pasted into Notepad, ignore the last bit and count from right to left 16 digits for a 26 bit format.

Copy the 16 digits and paste the number back into the Windows Calculator.  To paste the selection, click on the Windows Calculators Edit Menu.

Click on the Decimal Radio button to convert the number back to decimal.  The number shown is the actual card number.

Depending on the bit structure and the amount of bits these steps will vary, but for a standard 26 bit card you can use these steps.

*Example: *
47841616 (26 bit) Decimal Radio button selected
10110110100000000101010000 Results after Bin Radio button

0000000010101000 Number with 16 bits selected, convert this number to Decimal by selecting the Decimal Radio button
168 Card Number