Infinova – Linking IS2000

Once you’ve upgraded, run the IS2000 Configuration program and select the “1- Advanced” option for the Video Manager.  Please note that the Advanced Video Manager requires the .NET Framework so you may need to install that from Microsoft.  Start IS2000 and make sure that the version now says 8.1.97.

Here is a list of what works:

  • Linking Infinova DVR connected Video Cameras (along with a Preset) to IS2000 Devices (Readers, etc…)
  • When Event Manager is in Auto-Video Display Mode it will call-up Video Manager for any devices that have a camera associated to them.
  • Alarm Manager will automatically call-up Video Manager for any devices that have a camera associated to them.
  • Video Manager will allow you to switch between different live video cameras and supports ALL of the camera controls such as:  PTZ, DVR Configuration, Goto Preset and Set Preset

Here is a list of what still needs to get implemented:

  • Displaying of Recorded Video
  • Commands to do a Quick Record (IS2000 has this in the interface but these do not function)
  • Multi-View currently calls up the Infinova DVR home page, so I wouldn’t recommend showing it.  Future versions of Video Manager will use the API to make this work, just show single video for now and say that you haven’t configured multi-video yet.

Adding an Infinova DVR:

  1. In IS2000 Hardware Manager, add an Infinova Driver, and then add a controller.
  2. Add an Infinova Sub-Controller (8 Channel or 16 Channel)
  3. Configure the following Infinova Controller properties:  IP_Address, DVR Password (12345), TCP Port (8000), User Name (admin)
  4. You should be able to view live video of your Infinova cameras using Video Manager.

Getting Familiar with Video Manager
Launch Video Manager from IS2000’s Navigation toolbar.  Video Manager will allow you to view and control live video.  There are 4 basic components to the interface:

  1. The Command Toolbar at the top
  2. The Controller combo box to the top left
  3. The Camera List to the list
  4. The Live Video Window

The first button in the Command Toolbar will allow you to toggle the sidebar to hide or show the Camera list.  The next 2 buttons allow you to switch between Live Video viewing and Recorded Video Viewing.  The Recorded Video button currently will not play any recorded video but you will note how the toolbar changes when toggling between these 2 buttons.  (As a side note Infinova has a separate exe file that can play their recorded video files).  The next set of buttons will give you PTZ control of cameras connected to the DVR that support PTZ.  We tested this with the Infinova PTZ dome that was connected directly to the DVR.  This worked GREAT!!!  The next set of commands are the Presets and will allow you to Goto a Preset or Set a Preset.  The last command is the Configuration command which has every option necessary to configure the Infinova DVR.

To select a camera, first choose a controller from the combo box list in the upper left just below the command toolbar.  After selecting a controller, a list of cameras will populate from which you can choose which camera to view live video.

Associating a Reader to a Camera

  1. Goto IS2000’s Hardware Manager
  2. Unlock the module
  3. Select a reader that you wish to associate a Camera to.
  4. Locate the Video Links property and click on the (Click here for more options) section.
  5. Choose a camera for the Camera Address and a Prefix Number if applicable.  Ignore the Events listed below, that is for future use.
  6. To test the association Goto Event Manager and click on the little camera icon in the upper right corner.  You will notice the background color of this camera button changing from white to blue.  When the button is blue, Event Manager is placed in a special Video Mode where it will display Live Video for the devices that have associated cameras.  When the Video button has a white background, the Event Manager will behave normally and only display events and not display the associated video.  It’s important to note that the background color of the Video button will change colors when the mouse is hovering over it, but that does not indicate a change in Video Mode.  You must click on the button and move your mouse away from the button to see the true state.
  7. Present a card to a reader that you associated and it should display the live video for that reader when the Camera button’s background color is blue.
  8. To have Video auto display on alarms, simply set your AutoAlarm property to ‘True’ in Profile editor and when the Alarm occurs, you will be presented with the Graphic Maps for the Alarm as well as the live video associated to the device.