IS2000 and Windows Server 2003

Due to variabilities between PC to PC, we highly recommend the following steps be performed prior to performing an IS2000 upgrade.  If an upgrade is unsuccessful and is required, we recommend a more current operating system be used, i.e. Windows Server 2008.

It is imperative that a backup of the Data folder be done prior to upgrading your Windows 2003, IS2000 system.  Prior to performing any IS2000 upgrades all Windows Service Packs, Hot Fixes and Patches must be applied to the machine.

To create a backup of copy of the IS2000 Data folder please complete the following steps:

  • Shutdown IS2000.
  • Check Task Manager to verify that none of the drivers / programs is running.  Possible drivers / programs that could be running are:
  • 11000.exe – Bosch Driver
  • 12000.exe – EPC / SCP Driver
  • 19000.exe – VertX Driver
  • 16000.exe – APC Driver
  • 18000.exe – Elk Driver
  • 24000.exe – Onity Driver
  • IS2000.exe – IS2000 GUI
  • IS2000_WebService
  • From the IS2000 server go to the IS2000 folder and make a copy of the Data folder.  The default path is C:\Program Files\IS2000 (This information may vary depending on how the application was installed).
  • Right mouse click on the Data folder and select copy.  Go to the Windows Desktop and paste the Data folder onto the Windows Desktop.
  • Once a copy of the Data folder has been placed on the Windows Desktop, open the Data folder and locate the IS2000_Upgrade.exe file.
  • Rename the IS2000_Upgrade file to include the version number of the software (example: IS2000_Upgrade_8.9.14.exe).  The version number of the software can be found in IS2000 under the Help, About IS2000 menu item.

NOTE:  Do NOT proceed with the upgrade until this step has been completed.  Failure to complete all of the steps outlined above can result in the inability to run IS2000 on your Windows 2003 machine.