IS2000: Badge Designer: Client PC Requirements

Below is a list of requirements for running the Badge Designer on a client PC:

  1. Windows User needs to be able to Read/Write to the local IS2000
  2. Windows User needs to be able to Read/Write to the local IS2000\Data folder and its sub-folders.
  3. Confirm that the Badge Designer PC is configured properly as a client that is pointing to the correct SQL database.  Use the Configuration Utility to confirm this for each Windows User, because this setting is written to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER section of the registry, which makes it different for each Windows User.
  4. Confirm that the User can perform the following SQL commands within the IS2000 database:

a. SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE for all tables in the IS2000 database

b. CREATE TABLE within the IS2000 database

5. Confirm that the User has been granted the following SQL permissions for the IS2000 database:

a. Grant VIEW DEFINITION Permissions for Schema scope and Individual entities

b. Grant permissions to containers and blobs