IS2000: HID: Adding Card Formats (VertX)

Adding Card Formats (VertX)

The VertX hardware platform requires all bits of a card to be defined in order for the card number to be recognized.  This process requires a card format be created and saved to the remote path of the Access Control Security application.  The Access Control Security application contains a default set of card formats most commonly used by the industry; however, if a card format is required that is not listed please contact your Technical Support representative for assistance.

  • From the Hardware Manager click on the pad lock to unlock the Hardware module.
  • Highlight the VertX Access Control driver, click in the Card Formats field located in the VertX Access control Properties box.
  • From the Card Formats selection box, click in the field to the right of the number to select the desired card format.  Up to 255 card formats can be assigned per driver.

Note:  Any newly added card formats will not take affect until a personnel download has been completed.