IS2000: HID: Assigning the Universal Format (VertX)

Assigning the Universal Format (VertX)

The universal card formats allows the customer to easily takeover existing sites and handle multiple formats without knowing specific card information about the existing cards. The Universal Format only applies to the VertX/Edge hardware and will require the use of an enrollment reader. Only one bit structure per controller can be assigned through IS2000.

  • Unlock the module to allow editing of the screen.
  • From the VertX Controller, click in the field (Bits for Universal Card Format) located in the controllers Properties box.
  • From the (Bits for Universal Card Format) selection box select the desired bit structure.
  • Click the disk icon to save.

Note: If the bit structure is unknown present a non programmed card to a system reader and view the event from Event Manager. The bit structure will be defined in the Access Denied: Invalid error message.

  • Navigate to Access -> Personnel Manager
  • Unlock the module to allow editing of the screen.
  • Enter in the cardholder information.
  • Enter the card number – or – Click in the Card # field and present the card to an enrollment reader. The Card # will automatically populate with the correct card number.
  • Select the card format from the right of the Card # field that corresponds to the record.
  • Once all cardholder information has been entered, perform a download of the Personnel Records.