IS2000: Mercury: Troubleshooting Faulty Wiring

Considerations Prior to Setup

This guide will assist you in troubleshooting various faulty wiring issues with Mercury hardware and standard HID readers.

Common Troubleshooting Tips

Below is a list of common wiring issues when using Mercury hardware and the associated error messages you will receive, if any.

  1. Issue: Reader Wires Are Flipped

In the IS2000 Event Manager, you will see “Access Denied: Invalid”. This event will display the card bit information (for example 26 bit, 37 bit, etc.) because the Weigan signals are inverted and will not correspond to the programmed card bit information within IS2000.

  1. Issue: Reader Interference

IMRON suggests the use of the “Proximity reader” device selection for any Weigan reader in the Device field under the reader property. Other settings are specialized reader configurations that are not used frequently (i.e. mag stripe reader or a F2F reader). Typically, you will not see any event from a card swipe if a Weigan reader is not pointing to the “Proximity Reader” selection under the properties of the reader in IS2000.

  1. Controllers or sub-controllers are not wired correctly

Controllers are typically connected to the network and should be online with the software if properly configured. At minimum, a controller requires power (12VDC) and a network cable to be online with the software.

The sub-controller can be wired incorrectly (typically via the 485 bus). This is usually caused by inverted wires (TR+ to TR-) and the sub-controller will fall offline and/or will not be online (i.e. discovered by the software). The 485 bus always goes from TR+ to a TR+ leg and TR0 to a TR- leg.