IS2000 Milestone Access Control Module Integration

1.0  Introduction

The IS2000 Milestone Access Control Module (ACM) integration unites IMRON Corporation’s world class open architecture security management software and Milestone’s video management system into a powerful security solution under a single common operating picture. It gives users a consolidated interface to operate access control systems. Dedicated functions in XProtect Smart Client enable users to effectively monitor access events, manually control passages and conduct investigations on specific access points or cardholders from the IS2000 security management software. The integration is scalable supporting small sites to enterprise sites and allows the operator(s) to view IS2000 access control and alarm transactions from the Milestone XProtect®Smart Client. The IS2000 open architecture offers legacy customers a method to leverage their existing installations and expand using the latest innovative field hardware.

2.0 System Prerequisites

Please make sure you have the following prerequisites in place before configuring the IS2000 Milestone ACM IntegrationIS2000 Web Service (Requires a single IS2000 client licenses) running on IS2000 Server

  • IS2000 Web Service (Requires a single IS2000 client licenses) running on IS2000 Server
  • Static IP address assigned to the IS2000 Web Service driver
  • IS2000 Video Manager Module license
  • Milestone XProtect Software and valid door licenses

3.0 Configure IS2000 Server for ACM Integration

Follow these steps to set up and configure IS2000 Server and Milestone XProtect Server for the ACM Integration

  • Install/Configure the Milestone driver
  • Launch the IS2000 Software
  • Go to Hardware Manager
  • Unlock the module
  • Right-Click anywhere in the box below the Command Toolbar and select Add Driver
  • In the New Driver window, expand ‘DVR/NVR Video Drivers’ and select Milestone Video Driver and click OK
  • Click on the newly added Milestone Video Driver, under the Properties, enter the following values for the field:  ACM Server Port:  5000 (This is the recommended server port)
  • Click Save in the Command Toolbar

Configure the Web Service driver

  • Launch the IS2000 Software
  • Go to Hardware Manager
  • Unlock the module
  • Click on the Web Service driver, under the Properties, enter the following values for the fields:SDK Allowed IP Clients: (Enter the IP address of the server where the Milestone Video driver is installed. Typically this is the same IP as the IS2000 Server) SDK TCP Port:  4999 (This is the recommended port)
  1. In IS2000 > Hardware Manager > Restart the Web Service Driver
  2. In IS2000 > Hardware Manager > Restart the Milestone Video Driver
  3. Install/Configure the IS2000 ACM Plugin

Contact IMRON Corporation Support to obtain the Milestone ACM plugin files. (Note: Make sure to mention the version of the Milestone XProtect software. For XProtect Corporate/Expert versions, you’ll need the 64-bit plugin files. All other versions will require the 32-bit plugin files)

  • On the Milestone XProtect Server, navigate to C:\Program Files\Milestone\XProtect Event Server\MIPPlugins and create a folder called ‘IS2000 ACM’ and place the plugin files into this folder
  • Restart the Milestone XProtect Event Server services (from Windows Services Manager) and wait approximately 45-60 secs after restart before proceeding to next step
  • Launch the Milestone XProtect Management Client
  • In the Navigation pane, expand Surveillance Server > Advanced Configuration > Access Control
  • Right-click Access Control and select Create New…
  • In the Create Access Control System Integration window, specify a name for the integration, ex: IS2000 ACM Integration in the Name field; in the Integration plug-in field, select ISMilestoneACM; leave the Debug Message checkbox unchecked
  • Click Next
  • The next window will show the integration ‘Collecting configuration data and ‘Controllers Retrieved’, click Next

  • The next window will show the completed scanning of the access control hardware, click Next

  • The next window, you can associate the cameras to the doors, click Next

  • Click Close to complete the configuration of the IS2000 ACM integration

4.0 Installation/Training/Knowledge Base

For additional information, visit our support portal at to get the latest IS2000 installation instructions, training materials and knowledge base

If you need further assistance with the ACM integration, please contact at IMRON Support (), or login to our support portal at www.imron.comor call us at 877-OK-IMRON FREE.