IS2000 Milestone ACM Integration

Add New Milestone Driver

  • From IS2000, navigate to the Hardware Manager and Unlock the module.
  • Right mouse click in the Hardware Tree and select the ‘Edit -> Add Driver’
  • Add a new Milestone Video Driver from the ‘DVR/NVR Video Drivers’ category
  • Once created, make sure that the ComputerName property for the Milestone Driver is set to the same ComputerName as the IS2000 Server.
  • Set the ACM Server Port, which is the TCP Port used to communicate to the Milestone ACM.
  • Make sure that the IS2000 Web Service is running and that the SDK TCP Port is set to a valid port and the allowed IP address list includes the IS2000 Server’s IP address.
  • Restart the IS2000 Web Service driver and Milestone driver after making the appropriate settings.


Configuring the Milestone ACM for IS2000

  • Turn off the Milestone Event Server in Service Manager.
  • Next download the Milestone ACM Files from link below and unzip them into their own directory in the MIPPlugins folder for Milestone.  Note : This has to be in the 64-bit install folder for Milestone and not the 32-bit install folder:  Milestone ACM files
  • Restart the Milestone Event Server and wait a minute or 2 for it to fully start.


Steps to Add Access Control in Milestone

  • Open XProtect Management application
  • Go to the Access Control tab.
  • You should then be able to see the ISMilestoneACM in “Integration plug-in”.
  • Right Click to “Create New” in the Milestone XProtect Management Client.
  • Assign a name, the ACM Port (used for the Milestone Driver in IS2000), IS2000 Server IP Address.



 IS2000 Video Manager Integration to Milestone

  • Download the Milestone Video Manager from the link below and unzip it to the IS2000\VideoViewer folder.  This will create a Milestone folder within the VideoViewer folder and there should be around 267 MB of files within the Milestone folder:   Milestone Video Manager
  • Open IS2000 and go to the Hardware tab.
  • Click the “Unlock” button to be able to add Video Drivers.
  • Add a “Milestone Video Driver” to the system.
  • Right click on the “Milestone Video Driver” and add a Controller to the Driver.
  • Right click on the Video Controller and add a Sub-Controller to the Controller.
  • There will now be however many cameras that were defined in the sub-controller.
  • Open the MilestoneCameraFinder application.
  • Enter in the credentials for the Milestone server and log in. When clicking on any of the available cameras, the textbox at the bottom of the screen will display the video parameters.
  • Copy the text and paste it into IS2000 in the “Video Parameters” field.

Note: Milestone software and a Milestone account that allows the user to view cameras should be configured prior to the video set-up in IS2000.