IS2000: Upgrade Server/Clients


  • Have an active Maintenance agreement with IMRON.
  • If the IS2000 Server does not have internet connection, please request the “Maintenance.SID” file from IMRON by emailing . Include your IS2000 Serial Number in your request.
  • Access to IS2000 Server computer
  • Windows User account used to start IS2000 Drivers/Services MUST have log on rights to the IS2000 Server
  • Access to SQL Database (If applicable)
  • Access to ALL IS2000 Clients (If applicable)
  • IS2000 Upgrade software (Either the CD or “IS2000_Upgrade.exe” file)
  • Current version of IS2000 must be 10.3.X or newer. If using 10.2.x or below, please contact .
  • Temporary disable/turn off any Anti-Virus software
  • Perform a manual backup from the Backups and Archives Utility in IS2000


  • The latest version of IS2000 supporting Bosch Panels running Mode 0 or 1 and using access control is IS2000 version 10.2.48. Do NOT upgrade to any later version, as it will not work.

Upgrading IS2000 Server/Clients

  1. Log in to the IS2000 Server with the Windows User account used to start the IS2000 Service and/or Drivers. If using “Local System Account”, make sure the logon user is a local administrator.
  2. Close all IS2000 applications/services. (Verify the application and all IS2000 Drivers are stopped in Windows Services and Task Manager)
  3. Close ALL IS2000 Client connections.
  4. From the IS2000 Server, backup IS2000 by doing the following:
  • If using MS Database perform steps a-c and then skip to #5.

a. Open the IS2000 installation folder (Typically: “C:\Program Files (x86)\IS2000”).

b. Inside the IS2000 folder, copy the “Data” folder and paste on another location of your computer such as “Desktop” or “My Documents”.

c. Rename the folder to something that includes the date and current IS2000 version such as “Data_07012017_10365”.

  • If using MS SQL Database also perform the following steps:

d. Open SQL Server Management Studio.

e. Expand the “Databases” tree and select the IS2000 Database.

f. Right-click and select “Task” then “Back-up”.

g. Review the backup settings and click “OK” when ready.

5. Run the IS2000 Upgrade file on the Server.

6. Once the window opens displaying the following message “Setup has finished installing IS2000 Upgrade on your computer”, copy the “Maintenance.SID” file into the “Data” folder located inside the IS2000 installation folder (Typically: “C:\Program Files (x86)\IS2000”).

7. Click on the “Finish” button to complete the upgrade and start IS2000. If you are running IS2000 as a Windows Service, you MUST uncheck the box that reads “Launch IS2000” and start IS2000 from Windows Services.

8. Once IS2000 starts, verify data and functionality (Personnel Records, Access Events, Door Commands, etc.).

9. Once you have verified that the system is running normally from the IS2000 Server, you can proceed to run the IS2000 Upgrade on ALL IS2000 Clients

10. Upgrade has been completed.