Multilingual Support

Support for multiple languages is achieved through the use of resource files.  Resource files are text files that contain a unique ID number that is associated to a text string in the software.  Unique IDs for most of the text strings of the software are found in the resource file.  A resource file can be associated to an Operator’s Profile in Profile Editor.

Resource files are located with the LocalPath, which is the folder where the main executable resides.  Below is a list of sample resource files:

  • English.res
  • Spanish.res
  • German.res
  • Italian.res
  • Portuguese.res

Add/Remove Languages

To add or remove language files, simply copy or remove the resource file(s) from the LocalPath on each client and the server.  For a new language file to take affect, you must log off and log back in with the operator of the associated language file.