Partitioning From the Controllers Level

NOTE:  By default all profiles are allowed to see and control all hardware points until System Partitioning has been applied to the operator profile allowing / disallowing access.

  • From Hardware Manager, click on the pad lock to allow editing of the screen.
  • From the Access Control Driver, click on the plus sign to the left of the driver to expand the hardware tree.
  • From the Controller’s Properties box, click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Profile tag.
  • From the Permissions box, select one or more profiles to be assigned access to the controller by placing a check mark to the left of the profile.  To remove access to the device, remove the check mark to the left of the profile. All profiles created in Profile Editor are displayed in the Permissions box.  Please note:  if access to the controller has been removed from an operator’s profile, and the “Cascade Settings to Child Node” option has been selected, any device associated with the controller will not be available to the operator system wide.
  • Check the Cascade Settings to Child Node if all changes should be propagated to sub-devices.
  • Click on the green check mark to save changes.
  • Click the blue X to exit without saving changes.