Path Options

RemotePath – The remote path specifies the location of the database and should be entered as the following for a client:  \\servername\sharename if the installation taking place is a server installation the Remote path should appear as the following:  C:\Program Files\Applicationname\Data.  To enter in the RemotePath, click in the field to the right of RemotePath and type in the correct path.

NOTE:  Prior to installation of the thick client, it is required that sharing of the Data folder located on the Access Control server be completed.  The share needs to assign R / RW (Read / Read Write) permissions for anyone who will be utilizing the Access Control Application.  Without the sharing properly implemented the client application will not start successfully.

GraphicSitePath – Enter the full UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path or mapped drive letter if graphics are stored in another location other than the default remote path Graphics Folder.

LocalPath – The local path should be the location of where the installed executable file resides, for example the default path should be C:\Program Files\Applicationname.  If this path is set incorrectly the operator will be unable to start the application successfully.  To change the LocalPath, click in the field to the right of LocalPath and type in the correct path information.