Reset Profiles and Operators


IS2000 v9 and below stored Operators and Profiles in encrypted text files.  In IS2000 v10, the text files have been imported as encrypted database records.  If you need to import old operators from v9 to v10 or wish to reset your v10 Operators and Profiles, then please follow the steps below:

  • Close IS2000 v10 application.
  • Copy the users.lsx file to the IS2000 v10 Data folder on the server.
  • Copy the Profiles sub-folder from your previous installation of IS2000 to the new IS2000 v10 Data folder on the server.
  • Run the Data Import Utility ( )
  • From the Functions menu at the top, click on the ‘Profiles Reset’ sub-menu item.
  • This will do validation checks before executing the function.  After successful completion, run IS2000 v10 and it should import the file and folder and create the Operators and Profiles.