SQL Server Database Capacity

These are the general MS SQL Server 97/2000 characteristics:

SQL Object Maximum sizes/numbers
Connections per client Maximum value of configured connections
Batch size 65,536 * Network Packet Size
Bytes per short string column 8,000
Bytes per text, ntext, or image column 2 GB-2
Bytes per index 900
Bytes per primary key 900
Bytes per foreign key 900
Bytes per row 8,060
Clustered indexes per table 1
Bytes in source text of a stored procedure Lesser of batch size or 250 MB
Columns per index 16
Columns per primary key 16
Columns per foreign key 16
Columns per base table 1,024
Columns per INSERT statement 1,024
Columns per SELECT statement 4,096
Database size 1,048,516 TB
Databases per instance of SQL Server 32,767
Filegroups per database 256
File size (data) 32 TB
Files per database 32,767
Identifier length (in characters) 128
Nested stored procedure levels 32
Locks per connection Max. locks per server
Nested subqueries 32
Nested trigger levels 32
Objects in a database 2,147,483,647
Nonclustered indexes per table 249
Parameters per stored procedure 1,024
REFERENCES per table 253
Rows per table Limited by available storage
Tables per database Limited by number of objects in a database
Tables per SELECT statement 256
UNIQUE indexes or constraints per table 249 nonclustered and 1 clustered
Triggers per table Limited by number of objects in a database