Troubleshooting: Driver Issues

If the Driver does not start, please check the following:

  1. IS2000 application was not installed with full administration privileges.
  2. Anti-virus software is running. McAfee is known to prevent the driver from starting.
  3. The Driver is already running in another instance of IS2000 (when IS2000 is open in one window but also opened in a second window in an attempt to launch it again).
  4. IS2000 was setup to run as a “service” and now a second launch is being attempted.
  5. In the Driver’s Properties, the name of the computer for the Driver is not the actual name displayed in the Properties/Status Area for the Computer (i.e. the Black Area in the upper right side of the screen).
  6. The application was installed under one station operator’s profile and not allowed for anyone else on that PC. You are not trying to launch the application under an operator on that same PC. For example, IT people will sometimes set up temporary operator profiles to grant access to a technician for a short period of time (thus preventing the viewing of the main operator’s desktop, files, etc.) for the purpose of servicing or adding Windows services without granting full privileges.
  7. Attempt to delete the driver to remove all items under the driver and re-install the driver. If the same problems persist, it is likely a permissions issue and you will need to consult with the IT person to check for full Admin rights for that PC client that you are installing the application.
  8. Attempt to clear the Download Queue by using the “Cancel Download” button in the Download Manager.