Troubleshooting IP Connection Issues to Controllers

Link light doesn’t turn ON when I plug a patch cord from the Cobox Micro to the Switcher/Router:

  1. Check to make sure that the patch cord is good and is not a crossover cable.
  2. Check to make sure the switcher/router is not hard-coded to only accepts devices at 100Mbps.  The Cobox Micros can only communicate at 10Mbps, so the Switcher/Router should be set for either AutoDetect or set to 10Mbps.
  3. Make sure the Cobox Micro is seated correctly on the controller and that it’s on board LEDs light up.

Cannot PING the controller:

Check to make sure the IP address of the controller is on the same subnet as the IS2000 computer./p>

Cannot Telnet to the controller, but all PINGs are successful:

Make sure that TCP port 3001 has been enabled along with the telnet port used to communicate to the controller.

Controller Status screen stays stuck on POLLING:

Telnet to the controller and verify that the following has been programmed correctly for Channel1 of the Cobox Micro:

Baudrate (38400)
I/F Mode (4C)
Flow (02)
Port No (3001)
ConnectMode (C0)
Remote IP Address: (000).(000).(000).(000).
Remote Port (0)
DisConnMode (00)
FlushMode (00)
DisConnTime (00:00)
SendChar 1 (00)
SendChar 2 (00)