Troubleshooting Questions and Answers


Question:  My client receives the message ‘Maximum licensing has been exceeded or no dongle present’. What could be the cause of the problem?

Answer:  In order for the client machines to properly establish connectivity, the application must be running on the server and the data folder on the server must have the proper share permissions.  If the application has been closed on the server or the share has not been properly established, the client machines will be unable to utilize the servers licensing.

Question:  I have an existing installation using SQL Server and had to move the database to a new machine.  My clients are now unable to connect to the application what is the cause?

Answer:  When the clients were installed the SQL Server information was entered directing the client machine where the database information should be obtained.  When the SQL Server changed locations the database no longer existed in the location configured for the clients.  Each client machine must be redirected to the proper SQL Server name and Instance and have proper authentication credentials configured.

Question:  My driver has started but I do not see events from my hardware, why?

Answer:  This issue occurs when the credentials configured in the Driver Service do not have the proper permissions.

Question:  I am an administrator on the local machine but when I attempt to start the software on the client I receive a message stating the proper permissions have not been configured. What can be the cause?

Answer:  In order for the client to properly establish a connection to IS2000, the Data folder on server must be shared with Read/Write permissions. If the server’s operating system is Windows 7 or greater and the database is SQL Server, it is required that Read/Write permissions be established on the Security tab as well as the sharing tab.

Question:  When attempting to add a sub-controller using Auto-Scan I am unable to see the Auto-Setup button. Why?

Answer:  If the controller is not online the Auto-Scan button will be unavailable and the operator will be unable to use the Auto-scan feature.

Question:  I have configured a holiday for today’s date; however, my cards are still being granted access. What are the potential causes?

Answer:  When holidays are configured it is required for the H# to be selected on the holiday screen in order to activate the holiday.  If the H# is selected on the holiday screen all cards will be denied access on the date of the holiday and any devices in an unlock schedule will remain secured.  If the H# selected on the holiday screen is overwritten on the Time Schedule screen, the system will proceed as it would normally granting access and activating any devices on an unlock schedule.

Question:  I am unable to see my graphic map, why?

Answer:  This occurs when a graphic has not been selected from the Sites folder.

Question:  I have configured the email on event option but I am not receiving e-mail to my Yahoo e-mail account, why?

Answer:  Any time SMTP packets are sent out via a WAN, it is required that the following be configured properly:
SMTP Authentication mode is NOT configured for anonymous authentication.  The proper SMTP port is configured and a valid e-mail address is provided in the Default > >From Address.

Question:  Why can’t I add a reader to an access level more than once with different time schedules?

Answer:  A reader can be added to multiple access levels but not the same access level more than once.  If the reader was allowed to be added to the same access level more than one time it would be possible to have conflicting schedules for the reader.

Question:  I want to delete a certain group of cardholders, how would I do this without deleting all card holders?

Answer:  Using the filter feature in Personnel Manager filter the cards by a value that ties the cards together.  For example to delete or modify all cards with the last name of Smith select the Data_Field of Last_Name and enter a value of Smith in the Search Criteria field.  A filter of all cards with the last name of Smith will be completed.  Any modifications made using field edit or delete will only affect the filtered cards.

Question:  Card Types are used to determine what type of card format my cards use.

Answer:  Card Formats determine the determine the bit structure and allows the system to decode the card for use.