IS2000: HID: VertX Controller Communication

  1. VertX will ONLY communicate to 1 PC at a time.
  2. VertX will ONLY communicate to the IP address of the PC that has been pre-programmed into its CS/Host IP property. For IS100 (Web Browser product), this will automatically program the CS/Host property of the PC attempting to make the connection, thus overwriting the previous CS/Host property. For IS2000 (Application Software) to communicate to a VertX controller, the CS/Host property must be manually set.
  3. We do not recommend switching from IS2000 to IS100 and then back to IS2000, because IS100 will overwrite the CS/Host IP address (that was previously set) and prevent IS2000 from communicating to the VertX controller, until the Host IP address is manually set again.
  4. IS2000 uses a centralized database located on the IS2000 PC server to manage the VertX controller(s). IS100 does not use a centralized database and writes directly to the Flash and EEPROM memory of the VertX controller(s). Making changes in IS100 and then switching back to IS2000 will cause database synchronization issues.
  5. IS100 is a single controller solution, whereas IS2000 is a multi-controller solution.