Virtualization with Windows 2003

When an IS2000 Server software runs Windows 2003 OS, anytime a Remote Desktop session is performed to a PC running Windows 2003, a new session will start for the remote user and will re-launch IS2000.  This creates two instances of the IS2000 server software. It is important to note that this is one of the key differences between Windows XP and 2003. The 16000.exe is the driver that polls the field controllers. If a second instance of this driver runs under a different session on the same PC, then that would cause issues, such as the system logging several application errors.  These errors can become greater in frequency.

To avoid this, all Remote Desktop Sessions should be run in “Console Mode” when connecting to a Windows 2003 server or use a web based remote desktop service like or The web based remote desktop services allow the remote user to connect using the existing session rather than creating a new session.