Watch Window

Watch Window

The Watch Window is used to trace activity for specific device(s) or personnel record(s).  The Watch Window will provide real-time data for any devices/personnel record selected to be displayed.  The Watch Window can be accessed via Graphic Maps, Hardware Manager, Event Manager and/or Personnel Manager.

Note:  If the Access Control driver is configured to run as a Windows service and the “Stop when app closes” value is set to false, the Watch Windows will continue to display real-time data even if the application has been closed.

Hardware Manager

Displaying the Watch Window for a Hardware Device

  • From Hardware Manager unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the Hardware Manager module.
  • Highlight the device(s) from the Hardware Manager tree.
  • Right mouse-click and select Watch Window.  A separate window will be displayed and can be moved to an additional monitor if multiple monitors are available.
  • This process can be completed by Controller, Door Contact, REX (Request to Exit), Door Strike, Monitor Point, Control Point or reader.

Event Manager

Displaying the Watch Window for a Hardware Device

  • To display Watch Windows from Event Manager, highlight the Event for a specific hardware point or access granted event.
  • Right mouse-click on the event and select Watch Window.

Personnel Manager

Displaying the Watch Window for a cardholder record

  • From Personnel Manager unlock the module to allow editing of the module.
  • Click on the Advanced Access Tab.
  • Highlight the card holder record from the column on the left.
  • Click on the Watch Window button.

Note:  The Watch Window(s) will display real-time events that have occurred since the window has been opened.  For historical information regarding previous cardholder events use the Trace History button located on the Advanced Access tab or use the History – Events report in Report Manager.


Displaying the Watch Window for a device plotted on a Graphic Map

  • From the Graphics module, unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the screen.
  • Right mouse-click on any device previously plotted on a graphic map and select Watch Window.