The IS2000 solution offers additional video management drivers that can communicate and interface to a variety of IP Cameras, DVRs, NVRs and CCTV switchers. In addition, the system will allow real-time/recorded video to be displayed in a sizable window on the screen.

Cameras can be viewed graphically or based on device address. Camera commands such as pre-shot and video call-up can be designated as user-defined buttons or macros that execute based on specific conditions. Devices and events in the system can be associated to a camera, and based on the event/alarm the associated camera will auto display and/or do a quick record. Recorded video can be retrieved based on time/date selection and/or based on alarm/event reports.

Feature List

  •  Video Manager interface to manage multiple video systems

  •  Configure video layout in grid format up to 16 cameras

  •  Live and Recorded Video Support

  •  Camera Control: Pan, Tilt, Zoom

  •  Link Video to other systems (Access, Alarm, HVAC, etc...) using Global Triggers/Macros

  •  Program and configure video devices to link to other devices in the system.

  •  Alarm/Event Manager Integration

  •  Plot Cameras to Graphic Maps for a convenient way to call-up video

  •  Reports that have associated recorded video can be easily queried and exported to a portable windows media format.

Applicable Markets