IMRON Corporation

Supported Access Control Systems

Access & Security Solution

  • Scalable Enterprise Security Management Interface
  • Easy to use interface
  • Integration to Intrusion systems
  • Video Integration to IP / NVR systems
  • Integrated Badge Designer
  • Time and Attendance
  • Multi-User Support
  • Elevator Access Levels
  • Elevator Destination Dispatch
  • Occupancy Control
  • Muster Reporting
  • Device Level Partitioning

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Events (Interactive Control)
  • Status
  • Video (Live and Recorded)
  • Link to Map on Alarm
  • Alarm Manager

Triggerable Actions

  • Door: Momentary Unlock
  • Door: Card/PIN, Card Only, PIN only mode change
  • Control Point: Activate, Deactivate, Pulse (Configurable timer)
  • Alarm Panel: Arm, disarm, force arm
  • First man in / Snow day
  • Global I/O Linking
  • Anti-Passback
  • Activate Device / Group Areas
  • Delay Commands
  • Macro Commands
  • Set Trigger Variables
  • Email on Alarm

Graphic Maps

  • Control and view devices on a map
  • Plotted devices can be controlled and monitored by clicking on them
  • Supports most popular image formats

Supported Hardware

  • All Mercury Controllers
  • Assa Abloy IN Series
  • Axis A1001Controllers
  • Azure Access IC2 Controllers
  • dormakaba Switch Tech
  • ELK M1 Gold Controllers
  • HID Aero Controllers
  • HID VertX and Edge Controllers
  • Key Systems
  • ZKTeco USA Atlas Controller


  • Attendance Reporting (hours worked, hour exception reports)
  • Standard and advanced custom filtering
  • Export Options: Text, CSV, Word, PDF, and more
  • Printing Options: Any network or local printer
  • Email and text message

Applicable Markets

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Landlords can manage multiple tenants and allow them to manage their specific site.
Educational Facilities

Educational Facilities

Keep students and faculty safe from a dangerous external event with multi-building lockdown.
Financial Institutes

Financial Institutes

Control access to multiple bank branches while staying integrated to video.
Health Care Facilities

Health Care Facilities

Control where and when staff can go throughout the facility and set special schedules for planned surgeries.
Retail Centers

Retail Centers

Managers can auto-unlock their store when they disarm their alarm system.


Control who has access to offices and suites all season long from a centralized system.


Control and monitor inventory facilities while automating various procedures.


Allow designated staff to control jetway and baggage claim functions.
Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Control when and where work shifts begin and end.  Run reports for hours worked based on attendance data.