ACP / inBIO- Advanced Access Control


The ACP / inBIO Advanced Access Control controller family, is the most feature rich and cost effective solution for access control. Boasting the largest worldwide install base, these controllers are robust and adhere to open architecture standards.

The ACP / inBIO product line was built on a flexible, open technology to provide management, real-time monitoring, and control of your access control system using IS2000.

The Biometric Controllers can store up to 3,000 templates on-board and comes with several advanced access control features. This is one of the most cost-effective and feature rich controllers on the market today.

        ACP Data Sheet
        inBIO Data Sheet
        ACP Setup


30,000 Card Capacity and 3,000 Biometric Templates

Built-in Advanced Access Control Features


Door Interlocks for Mantrap Control Applications

Global Lockdown / Unlock

Import Controller Data to Software Database

Video Management System Integration

Custom Triggers and Macros

Elevator Control

Biometric Template Storage (inBIO)

Demo Wall