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Value Engineering for Success

June 09,2019 12:06 PM Comment(s)
“Do more, with less”, this has become the common mantra for new security projects and retrofits alike.  For many organizations' security is perceived as a cost center, making it common practice to cut budgets. When integrating solutions to fit a range of client needs with minimal investment, value engineering is key to success. 

Value engineering is defined as an organized effort directed at analyzing design features, systems, equipment and material selections for the purpose of achieving essential functions at the lowest cost consistent with required performance, reliability and safety. So, what does that truly mean? And why does it matter? 

Vertical Uses 
Budgetary constraints and outdated, or proprietary, equipment are common issues that face educational facilities. While K-12 schools and colleges would prefer to prioritize security, this is not always possible. Many have acquired equipment throughout the years and has been unable to work together as a cohesive solution. 

So how can integrators facilitate better systems with less to work with? Through intelligent design and powerful security management software. UnityIS allows IMRON to value engineer diverse infrastructure and create a complete and scalable solution for security management. End-users benefit from the ability to manage all systems within one powerful graphical user interface (GUI).  This ensures ease of use, even in the most varied security ecosystems. 

Simply put, value engineering is a creative way of reducing overall costs of a project without compromising on overall functionality. When working with tight budgets or legacy equipment, value engineering presents a simple way to take advantage of what you may have on deck. 

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