Imron Hussain

"Over the past 20 years, the security industry has grown tremendously utilizing innovative technologies that offer cost-effective, efficient solutions and IMRON Corporation continues to push this envelope."

  • Imron Hussain

Company Founder Interview

What do you do for IMRON Corporation?

I am the company founder, and I oversee all operations of the business.  For the past 15 years we have established ourselves as a leader in providing innovative security management solutions with a special focus towards Access Control.  Our award winning flagship product, IS2000 manages Physical and Logical Access Control, with Video and Alarm systems, combining all security needs into one powerful system.  Our solutions have been deployed to thousands of locations worldwide, from government facilities, airports, commercial high rise buildings, hospitals, universities, and much more.


How did you originally get involved in the security market?

I began working as the Chief Engineer and part owner for a company called Westar Systems, where I was the first to develop a 32-bit Windows Access Control application for the Industrial Security Industry back in 1993.  The product was a huge success and as a result of that, Westar Systems was acquired by a larger access control manufacturer.


Why access control?

Access control is such an essential part of physical security because it manages who, where, and when someone can access a particular area or resource.  Over the past 20 years, the security industry has grown tremendously utilizing innovative technologies that offer cost-effective, efficient solutions than in the past.  IMRON Corporation continues to push the envelope in growing the industry by applying these newer technologies in ways that can not only save money, but also provide a more safe and secure environment.


What do you see changing in the access control market over the coming years?

The Access Control market is finally making its shift into the IT world with enterprise systems that manage multiple facilities and traditional access control hardware has made its way to support a more IP centric network architecture.


What is the biggest challenge to the security market today?

Bridging the gap between the old traditional security models and the newer ways of thinking that utilize newer technologies to manage security.


What is the latest IMRON application?

Our flagship product, IS2000 has added many new features.  It’s ability to manage multiple access control hardware platforms from one easy to use software interface allows it to be the ideal solution for new installations as well as retrofits for existing access control sites.  IS2000 supports more Access Control hardware platforms than any other product on the market.  In addition it now supports thin clients accessible via any browser or mobile device.  New IP readers, such as the HID Edge readers allow for intelligence at the door, and our new IS100 embedded web application provides a complete access control solution without the need for a dedicated host PC.


How is the economy affecting your plans for future development?

We’ve seen more requests for offering managed access solutions where our customers centrally manage multiple end-user sites and provide their services on a subscription basis providing web access for each of their customers.


Why would a company choose an all in one access control system rather than selecting individual “specialty” products?

With an all in one access control system, the operator requires less training and can perform tasks more efficiently than having to deal with multiple systems and multiple VARs.  In addition, the overall costs are significantly more for separate systems than one cohesive system that seamlessly integrates them all together.


IMRON was custom/privately branded by other companies?

Yes, IMRON Corporation originally started as a software only company developing solutions for the largest access control manufacturers in the world.  In 2003, IMRON Corporation expanded its business model to include complete systems.  We still offer our custom/privately branded solutions to other manufacturers.


Things are changing fast in the hardware market; do you see any new products or companies that are defining the future of access control? 

Yes, HID is at the forefront in our industry with solutions that provide convergence of physical and logical security and IP based readers that offer intelligence at the door.


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