IMRON Corporation now supports the Casi Rusco Micro 5 Legacy Systems

Casi M5 BridgeIrvine, California October 29, 2013- IMRON Corporation, a leading provider of security management solutions, announced the support of the Casi Rusco Micro 5 legacy systems. IMRON Corporation's flagship product, IS2000, integrates with this new platform using its open architecture interface.

Utilizing the M5 Bridge, IS2000 supports all Micro 5 legacy systems while retaining existing peripherals and card populations. Thus tremendously reducing labor costs by re-purposing existing wiring and infrastructure. The M5 Bridge allows a board to board swap for a "screwdriver-less upgrade". Communication to the M5 Bridge with IS2000 provides Casi Micro 5 users a pathway to a non-proprietary access control solution.

IS2000 is a world-class access control platform that offers users many options through integration with the industry's most trusted brands. Employ comprehensive solutions for access control with features that support sites from small office buildings, banks, retail, community facilities to airports, multi-tenant facilities, and hospitals. Use wired or wireless solutions for cost-effective site installation and management. Powerful control with an intuitive interface, IS2000 provides the most extensive integrated platform in the industry.

About IMRON Corporation
Founded in 1997, IMRON Corporation is a major provider of Security Management Systems to brand name manufacturers around the world. In 2003, IMRON Corporation expanded operations to include complete system solutions direct to system integrators, combining state of the art software, IS2000 and field proven and reliable hardware in one value conscious package. Today, the IS2000 suite of scalable products is available directly through system integrators, providing the most advanced integration of access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and multiple third party products. The IMRON Corporation solutions have been installed globally in more than eight thousand sites. For more information visit


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