Maintenance for IS2000



Maintenance for IS2000

Maintenance for IS2000 includes Technical Support (non-engineering) and Software Updates/Upgrades as outlined in the Software Maintenance and Support Program.  Each quantity represents 1 year, from the date of expiration.  If maintenance has already expired, then the purchase date plus 1 year, will represent the maintenance period for a single quantity purchase.  Multiple years can be purchased in advanced by incrementing the purchase quantity above.


NOTE:  Please be advised that this pricing schedule is applicable for only those sites requiring reasonable support.  If site support goes beyond reasonable support, then additional charges will apply.


When placing the order online, please include the software dongle# and the respective license information in the notes/comments. Failure to do so will result in processing delays.  During the first year of purchase of an IS2000 server license, Software Maintenance is included.


Thereafter, the Maintenance for IS2000 can be purchased each year. Additional services that are not covered by the Software Maintenance and Support Program such as but not limited to the following will involve Professional Services.  

  • Software Development/Customization 
  • Database Management/Conversion/Maintenance
  • Network Administration
  • Custom Drivers
  • Video Management
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Triggers and Macros
  • Related Software Utilities
  • OS related items due to Microsoft patches, software, or hardware limitations such as RAM or disc space.
  • Converting Personnel Photographs
  • ID Badge Template Generation

Our technical support staff will generate a request for evaluation of the requested Professional Service.  Once evaluated the customer will be informed of the cost for the services.

For more information about Maintenance for IS2000, please read this article covering the Frequently Asked Questions.