SCP-M Intelligent Controller



SCP-M Intelligent Controller

 A & E Specs

 SCP Installation Manual

The SCP-M is an intelligent controller platform with built-in or "native" network support.  Powerful and recognized for flexible high-performance, the SCP-M is Ethernet ready and capable of efficiently managing a large network of access panels in any system design.


Once configured, the SCP-M functions independently and is capable of controlling access, managing alarms, interfacing with an array of hardware devices, all while providing the decision-making oversight that each system configuration requires.  The SCP-M is capable of elaborate processes and procedures without host intervention.



  • Network ready
  • Access, alarm management & scheduled operations in a single package
  • Proven performance track record for large-system solutions



  • Multi-operating system interface
  • Multi- host interface communications
  • Fault- tolerant communications capability
  • Multi- card format support
  • Multi- reader technology support
  • AES 128 bit data encryption
  • HSPD-12/FIPS201 Compliant
  • UL 294 Recognized
  • Alarm keypad support
  • Function key support
  • Universal I/O device characterization