SI-16 Sixteen Input Sub-Controller



SI-16 Sixteen Input Sub-Controller


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The SI-16 is a multi-device interface panel that has the ability to monitor high concentrations of inputs together with a low requirement for output control.  The SI-16 is capable of supporting 16 general purpose input circuits which can be individually set for normally-open or normally-closed operations and can be declared supervised and non-supervised. Individually configurable parameters can be set for sensitivity ranges, timing parameters and end-of-line resistance values.  Two programmable relay outputs can be configured for fail safe or fail secure operation, supporting "On", "Off", "Pulse", and "Repeating Pulse" commands.



  • Built-in capacity to control, respond to external device commands
  • Easily integrates lighting, heating/cooling, door or elevator control sensors
  • Initiate commands by operator, by time schedules, or by events


  • 16 programmable inputs; 2 programmable relay outputs
  • 2-wire RS-485 communication
  • AES 128 bit data encryption
  • Universal I/O device characterization
  • Configurable input parameters