IS2000 Software Upgrades



IS2000 Software Upgrades

Additional services that are not covered by the Software Maintenance Program such as but not limited to the following will involve Professional Services:  

  • Software Development/Customization
  • Database Management/Conversion
  • Custom Drivers
  • Custom Reports
  • Related Software Utilities
  • CAD Drawings
  • Converting Personnel Photographs
  • ID Badge Template Generation

Our technical support staff will generate a request for evaluation of the requested Professional Service.  Once evaluated the customer will be informed of the cost for the services.


Access Control Licensing:

The Access Control field applies to ALL wired access control hardware platforms including:  Mercury, HID VertX and Edge, ELK, DMP, and Bosch.  For Alarm Panel Licensing, please read the section below.

Alarm Panel Licensing:

If you are using IS2000 with an Alarm Panel, the licensing is based on the number of 'enabled' readers/doors that the alarm panel can potentially support. The Bosch panels/controllers each support up to 8 readers/doors. Below is a table that can be used to determine which access license would be needed if every reader/door was enabled on the panel/controller:

8 Doors = 1 Alarm Panel
16 Doors = 2 Alarm Panels
32 Doors = 4 Alarm Panels
64 Doors = 8 Alarm Panels
128 Doors = 16 Alarm Panels
256 Doors = 32 Alarm Panels
512 Doors = 64 Alarm Panels
1024 Doors = 128 Alarm Panels
2048 Doors = 256 Alarm Panels

For the case where multiple alarm panels were installed, but only 5 doors were enabled, then you would only need to purchase the 8 Door license. The IS2000 licensing function will only count the number of 'enabled' Bosch readers in the system.