Mercury Standalone Magstripe Reader



Mercury Standalone Magstripe Reader

The MR–SR10a is a simple, entry level stand- alone magnetic stripe card reader that provides single track, ruggedized, indoor/outdoor security access device. This unit adds facility security without the complexity of a computer-based network.

The MR-SR10a is capable of supporting numerous data patterns that once defined allow the use any magnetic stripe card for verification against the prescribed pattern. Upon verification access is granted. All programming is reinforced with visual indicators and audible feedback.

The SR10a’s attractive die cast metal housing and wide environmental operating range make it suitable for nearly any setting.


  • Specially designed for ATM vestibules
  • Conveniently, easily provides authorized entry through simple door-strike connection



  • Bi-color LED and annunciation
  • Ruggedized metal housing
  • Door strike control
  • Definable card data patterns
  • Static discharge protection
  • Self Test
  • UL 294 listed - reader
  • 100-code data base


 MR-SR10a Installation Manual