M5-16DO Digital Output Control Module



M5-16DO Digital Output Control Module


M5-16DO is a multi-device interface panel for the replacement of the Casi 16DO output control device. As with the entire Mercury M5 Bridge family of controllers, the M5-16DO is built with a matching form factor to the Casi Micro5 line of access control hardware allowing a fast “screwdriverless” change over and easy migration of a Casi client infrastructure to any Authentic Mercury software partner.

Built to provide the ability to control high concentrations of outputs, this panel offers support for 16 digital outputs (solid state switches) capable of being individually configured for timed periods. Relay operation may be initiated by direct operator commands, by time schedules, or by event-based procedures. The relays support “On”, “Off”, “Pulse”, and “Repeating Pulse” commands. A pulse may range from .1 second to over 18 hours.


Application Notes

The M5-16DO is an integral component in the Mercury M5 Bridge family approach to migrate any Micro5 hardware legacy to the flexible, feature rich Mercury access hardware. This ensures the customer an Open future based on Authentic Mercury controllers.



  • Built-in capacity to control, respond to external device commands
  • Initiate commands by operator, by time schedules, or by events
  • Built on the Open Authentic Mercury platform



  • 16 programmable digital outputs (solid state switches)
  • Plug for plug compatibility to Casi 16DO
  • AES 128 bit data encryption