Four-Door Expansion Power System

IMRON Four-Door Expansion Power System combines LifeSafety Power modules alongside IMRON access board(s) in one compact and secure UL Listed solution.

The IMRON Four-Door Expansion Power System is a 12V and 24V DC dual voltage access power system that includes two MR52-S3B, dual-door sub-controllers. The C4 lock control module provides four access control inputs capable of voltage or dry contact activation and outputs programmable for fail-safe/fail-secure operation at either 12 or 24 VDC and controlled by the integrated fire alarm interface circuit on the FPO. One D8P module provides eight auxiliary class II outputs, where each output is configurable for 12 or 24VDC operation. The enclosures are painted steel with removable backplate and includes lock, two (2) keys and tamper switch.




Input Power

      • Input 120/230 VAC 50/60 Hz | 83 Watts (0.70A)
      • Overload and short circuit protection
      • Over temperature protection
      • Polarized AC power supply disconnect


Output Power

      • 2A@12V and 2A@24V DC, 75W maximum combined output power
      • Outputs: Continuous (DC1) Resettable (DC2)
      • 4 control outputs, fused at 3A each
      • 8 auxiliary outputs, class II power limited at 2.5A each
      • 120 mV output voltage ripple
      • System Efficiency: 83% | System BTU Rating: 33 BTU/Hr


Regulatory Compliance

      • UL294, UL603, UL1076, ULC S318, ULC S319


Enclosure Mechanical

      • Size: 20.00H x 16.00W x 4.50D in. (50.00 x 40.00 x 11.50 cm)