Schlage (Allegion) Wireless Lock


Networked wireless locks gives you many of the key benefits of a hardwired access control system without the wires. This allows you to secure doors that were traditionally difficult to run wires to in the past and increase the security throughout your facility. A wireless solution also allows for a quicker and more cost-efficient installation that causes minimal disruption to your environment saving you both time and money.

Schlage AD-Series locks seamlessly integrate with IS2000 to provide a cost effective and scalable access control solution to meet your security needs.

IS2000 has been installed in thousands of locations worldwide from government facilities, healthcare sites, manufacturing facilities, universities/schools, residential communities, telecommunication sites, airports, and many more. IS2000 scalable solution is the industry leading product for managing physical security devices. It’s modular design and easy to use interface has won several industry awards throughout the years.

        Solution Sheet
        Technical Overview

        AD-Series Exit Trim
        Relay Board (RLBD)
        SUS Utility Software on the Handheld Device (HHD)