Systems Design, Configuration and Deployment

Let our Professional Services team of security and systems expert do the work for you. We will work closely with your partners to provide a complete access control solution that includes server commissioning, installation, configuration, deployment and total systems training.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Servers (IS2000 Server Cluster)

When your system simply cannot go down, IS2000 Server Cluster is the ultimate solution. By leveraging Microsoft's Windows and SQL Server clustering and third-party data replication software, this solution provides high availability for your applications and added data redundancy in the event of a disaster or server failure.

API/SDK/XML Interoperability and Integrations

By leveraging the common programming language, our team of expert software engineers can help you seamlessly integrate systems. From Active Directory and HR to Visitor Management and Video Management Systems, the flexibility to integrate is our specialty.

Database Services

At the core of every system is the database, where all of your important data is housed. Let our team of experts provide the expertise to install and upgrade database servers, optimization, maintenance, and customized reports.

System Migration and Upgrade

Let our team of expert systems engineer provide you with that sound piece of mind to migrate/upgrade your older (legacy) systems.

Programming and Customization

Need a custom application to integrate to your Time and Attendance, or how about the Airport No-Fly database, or a custom report? Our team of software engineers can develop the right application for you.

Maintenance and Support

IMRON Corporation's maintenance and support services are designed to maximize your security investments. We offer email and phone support as well as on-site maintenance visit to check on the overall health of your system, so you can be sure that your system is running optimally.

We are dedicatedcommitted to the success of your projects.

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