Security Management Software

IMRON Corporation's innovative security management software, IS2000 has been deployed in thousands of locations worldwide, from government facilities, airports, commercial high rise buildings, hospitals, universities, factories, and much more.



Imagine only needing one software application to manage all of your security needs. IMRON Corporation's flagship product IS2000 has been installed in thousands of locations worldwide from government facilities, healthcare sites, manufacturing facilities, universities/schools, residential communities, telecommunication sites, airports, and many more. IS2000′s scalable solution is the industry leading product for Physical Security Information Management (PSIM). It's modular design and easy to use interface has won several industry awards throughout the years.  

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AXIS A1001

AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller

IS2000 integrates to AXIS's new network door controller (A1001), which is the first non-proprietary and open IP-based access controller on the market.

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IS2000 Thin Client

The IS2000 Thin Client allows users to connect to the IS2000 server remotely from anywhere using any web browser or PDA / phone device. This allows for easy off-site management of the Access Control system. With a built-in web-server in IS2000, there is no additional software to install. From an easy to use GUI, the IS2000 Thin Client includes management and basic administration of the system.  

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Advanced Access Control

Our new Biometric Controller can support up to 3,000 templates and several advanced access control features. This is one of the most cost-effective and feature rich controllers on the market today.

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Authentic Mercury

IS2000 seamlessly integrates to ALL Mercury field hardware including hardware from Lenel, Honeywell, Open Options, RS2, Avigilon, Identicard, KeriSystems, Maxxess and S2.

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9412 GV4

Bosch G Series

IS2000 integrates to Bosch's popular G Series Control Panel, which delivers a powerful new solution for intrusion, access control, and fire alarm system applications.

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IS2000 supports HID’s Networked Access Solutions, which are offered in two product flavors, EDGE® a single-door PoE-enabled controller and VertX® a traditional topology multi-door controller with downstream interface modules.

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Wireless Locks

Networked wireless locks gives you many of the key benefits of a hardwired access control system – without the wires. This allows you to secure doors that were traditionally difficult to run wires to in the past – and increase the security throughout your facility. A wireless solution also allows for a quicker and more cost-efficient installation that causes minimal disruption to your environment – saving you both time and money.

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Casi M5 Bridge

The M5 Bridge family is an approach to migrate any legacy Micro5 hardware to the flexible, feature rich Mercury access hardware. This ensures the customer an Open future.

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IS2000 integrates to ELK's popular M1 Gold Security and Automation Controller, offering users a simple yet powerful solution to control their system from anywhere.

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Inovonics Temperature Sensor

IS2000 integrates to Inovonic's high performance wireless sensor networks for life safety applications.

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Meet Our Team

IMRON TeamOur management team brings decades of diverse experience and a history of success. Combining market awareness with technical savvy...

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What We Do 

Fawzia AtchaIMRON uses technology to leverage the customers’ investment in traditional security and create a tool that would increase the customers’ profits and performance in their markets. 

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Become a Dealer

Become a DealerJoin our dealer network and experience how our security solutions can help you to grow your business.  

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IMRON Corporation

Founded in 1997, IMRON Corporation is a major provider of Security Management Systems to brand name manufacturers and system integrators around the world.   

In 2003, IMRON Corporation expanded operations to include complete system solutions direct to systems integrators, combining state of the art software, IS2000 and field proven and reliable hardware in one value conscious package.

Today, the IS2000 suite of scalable products is also available directly through systems integrators, providing advanced access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and seamless integration for multiple third party systems. 

IMRON Corporation's software and hardware platforms have been installed and field-tested in more than eight thousand sites throughout the world.  Company founder was the first to develop a fully integrated Windows based software application that integrated Access Control, Video Management, and Alarm Management back in 1993.

For more than 15 years our products have been sold to end users using our hardware platform for applications ranging from 1 to 3,000 doors.  Most of these have been in the 4 to 256 door size, using the same basic platform as the IS2000 offers today. More than a dozen of these systems have been installed at large global operations that use the system to monitor and control hundreds of remote sites to this day.


Our Focus

IMRON uses technology to leverage the customers’ investment in traditional security and create a tool that would increase the customers’ profits and performance in their markets. IMRON’s success with both local and national companies has proven this strategy correct and is fueling the company’s growth in the Integrated Security Systems sector.


True Integration - Align Security with Your Business

IMRON helps companies integrate their separate security activities into one complete, efficient and effective security solution that works to promote the customers’ business goals and culture. This is achieved with a fully networked Access Control, Video Surveillance and Security Monitoring Solution that serves individual or Enterprise level businesses.


Large or Small - Every Business can Benefit

Being responsive is another key success factor for IMRON Corporation. For every size project, IMRON has a scalable solution that can include Multi Level Graphic Mapping, Photo-ID Creation and Management, Event Recording, Response Management and a number of other important features that benefit your business.


Innovations in Security for Your Business

IMRON stays close to its customers by working with systems integrators and end users on most projects. This helps keep the products at the leading edge of innovation and ensures the highest ‘convergence’ of technology and user acceptance. This customer centered strategy is a key to IMRON’s success.