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IMRON Introduces New IS2000 Cloud Solution

New cloud hosted solution simplifies access control administration and reduces costs for end users.

IMRON Corporation, a leading provider of Security Management Software and Access Control solutions, is pleased to announce the IS2000 Cloud, an access control as a service (ACaaS) solution that eliminates the need to install or maintain any software to enjoy the benefits of IMRON’s award-winning IS2000, an open system platform with the most comprehensive access control solution.

The IS2000 Cloud is a hosted solution that allows IMRON customers to access their system using IMRON’s HTML 5 browser agnostic web application. Some of the most essential features of access control are achieved through the web application, including but not limited to the ability to manage credentials, real-time events, real-time alarms, reports, door monitoring, door control, and graphic maps. Through the web application, IMRON customers can access IS2000 from anywhere in the world with maximum security and reliability.

With the IS2000 Cloud solution, IMRON simplifies the responsibilities of the end user, reducing the overall costs of access control and allowing efficient management of the access control system. Since no local infrastructure is required while IMRON installs and configures the server with IS2000, the end user enjoys the benefits of rapid deployment. Additionally, maintenance and updates are all managed by IMRON with no resources required from the end user, allowing IT staff to address other matters and saving costs. Basic, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise licensing is available, to fit the needs of any size organization.

“The IS2000 Cloud solution leverages our advanced web software technology to create a cost-effective and efficient solution for our customers without sacrificing any of the most essential functions of IS2000, the most complete security software solution,” said IMRON Vice President of Technology Patrick Chao. “By taking advantage of the cloud solution, IMRON customers can simplify both deployment and maintenance.”

About IMRON Corporation
Founded in 1997, IMRON Corporation is the leading provider of Security Management Software and Access Control solutions. Constantly striving to be make changes to maintain its position at the forefront of technology and innovation, IMRON Corporation is committed to open architecture solutions. IMRON’s comprehensive software platforms offer revolutionary control of all physical security requirements. Fully scalable and customizable, IMRON solutions are THE non-proprietary “open” standard.

IMRON Corporation’s products have been installed in and field-tested at over 10,000 sites worldwide. Imron Hussain, our founder, was the first to develop a fully integrated Windows-based software application that integrated Access Control, Video Management, and Alarm Management in 1993. IMRON’s prime emphasis on both customer responsiveness and product innovation are crucial to our unmatched product innovation. Our focus on the customer ensures both the highest “convergence” of technology and customer acceptance, both of which are keys to our success.

Our flagship product (IS2000) is an open system platform with the most comprehensive access control solution, leveraging legacy hardware platforms to maximize the end-user’s investment while supporting different platforms. IS2000 minimizes risk by allowing the dealer to custom tailor the right hardware platform for each customer’s individual needs. Thus, there is no end-of-life and no dead-end solutions, allowing seamless product migration.

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