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EPC-1 Single Door Controller

EPC-1 Single Door Controller The LP1501 Single Door Controller (see SKU#: LP1501 for details) will replace the EPC-1.  The EPC-1 will still be available for purchase while supplies last.  Please inquire within for availability....

Multiplexer - 8 Port

8 Port Multiplexer  MUX8 Installation Manual The Mux-8 is an 8-port multi-device interface panel that provides the flexibility to take RS-485 or RS-232 wiring inputs to create 8, 2-wire RS-485 communication...

System: 1 Door EPC-1 with Power Supply

1 Door EPC-1 System with Power Supply 1 Door EPC-1 System with Power Supply 1- EPC-1, 1-Door Intelligent Controller 1- PS-3A, 12vdc 3A/24vdc 1/5A Power Supply Unit for Controller  1- EN-Sm,...