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works with UnityIS

IPMeter is an award winning cybersecurity and network management tool, that can measure network performance, provide vulnerability assessments and ensures that all IP Assets are working, integrated and approved by technical standards outlined by NIST SP 800-53.

IPMeter is an essential tool for networks in critical infrastructure sectors.

  • Connect Network
  • Power ON
  • Get Report
  • Push Button Easy- Plug it in and walk away. 
  • Integrated Data- IPMeter unifies different data sets into a single report.
  • Remediation Plan- IPMeter provides insight and remediation advice to cure defects.
  • Ships Pre-Configured- IPMeter is plug and play
  • Measure- Network performance and bandwidth testing
  • Secure- Vulnerability assessments and remediation reporting.
  • Manage- Ensure all IP Assets are working, integrated and approved.

In-House Lab Penetration Testing

Pen Test

Customized lab assessments and security analysis where devices are pen tested until the point of failure. Investigation, testing, and observation.

Detailed vulnerability reports, as well as remediation reports are provided.

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