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IMRON’s comprehensive software platform, offers revolutionary control of all physical security requirements and integrates to the industry’s most trusted brands of hardware systems for access control, intrusion, HVAC, and video. Sites using legacy hardware can retain their prior investment, and expand with newer standards based hardware.

IS2000 supports both traditional on-premise perpetual licensing model and ‘Software as a Service’ subscription model that is hosted in the cloud.

Applicable Markets

Commercial Buildings

Landlords can manage multiple tenants and allow them to manage their specific site.

Educational Facilities

Keep students and faculty safe from a dangerous external event with multi-building lockdown.

Financial Institutions

Control access to multiple bank branches while staying integrated to video.

Health Care

Control where and when staff can go throughout the facility and set special schedules for planned surgeries.


Managers can auto-unlock their store when they disarm their alarm system.


Control who has access to offices and suites all season long from a centralized system.


Control and monitor inventory facilities while automating various procedures.


Allow designated staff to control jetway and baggage claim functions.

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