Bluetooth Readers and Credentials

IMRON offers a comprehensive range of scalable and high security readers, combining RFID MIFARE® DESFire® EV2, NFC (HCE) and Bluetooth® (Low Energy) technologies for all your mobile access control applications using smartphones.

Our readers can also read the HID iCLASS™ chip serial number / UID PICO 1444-3B, but will not read iCLASS™ cryptographic protection or the HID Global serial number / UID PICO 15693, because this is proprietary to HID.

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Touch Screen Reader

Supports Multi-Mode Identification: Card, Tap Tap, Remote, Hands-free, Voice Frequency: 13.56 MHz + Bluetooth® (Low Energy) Standards: ISO14443 types A & B, ISO18092 / Certifications: CE & FCC Reading distances:...

Long Range Reader (Spectre Nano – 6M Range)

Frequency: UHF Standards: ISO18000-63 / EPC1 Gen 2 - 2 versions: low band 865 - 868 MHz / high band 902 - 928 MHz / Certifications: CE, ETSI, FCC Part...

Blue Credential

Mobile Credential Multi-Mode Private ID Multi-Mode Identification: Card Mode, Remote Mode, Tap Tap Mode, Slide Mode, Hands-Free Mode, Voice Use with readers: R-S-Mobile-M (does not support slide mode), R-S-Mobile-W, R-S-Mobile-K

Mifare Classic (100 Pack)

13.56 MHz NXP MIFARE® Classic 1K / 4 Bytes UID chip Can be used with readers: R-S-Mobile-W, R-S-Mobile-M, R-S-Mobile-K

Mifare Classic Keyfob (100 Pack)

13.56MHz NXP MIFARE CLASSIC 1K 4 Bytes chip - Black Can be used with readers: R-S-Mobile-W, R-S-Mobile-M, R-S-Mobile-K