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HID iClass Adhesive Tag 2060 (100 Qty)

HID iClass Adhesive Tag (2060) Provides the convenience of HID’s iCLASS contactless read/write technology in a small disk-shaped package Pre-programmed Seamlessly upgrade from magnetic stripe, barium ferrite, or proximity technologies...

HID iClass Key 2050 (100 Qty)

HID iClass Key (2050) Pre-Programmed Site Code and Numbers Convenient 13.56 MHz Contactless Smart Key Incorporates iClass contactless read / write technology into a convenient device approximately the size of...

HID iCLASS Prox Contactless Smart Card 2020 (100 Qty)

HID iCLASS Prox Contactless Smart Card iCLASS Prox card combines iCLASS and HID 125 kHz Prox technology in a single ISO standard thickness card.  This enables contactless smart card applications...

HID iClass2000 Card (100 Qty)

HID iClass2000 Card Available in a two application area configuration only. Provide the HID standard access control application area and one other application area for user customization. 2k Bits (256...

HID iClass2080 Card (100 Qty)

HID iClass2080 Clamshell Card Special Site Code and Number 13.5MHz contactless smart card 2kb and 2 application areas. Provides durable packaging and consistent read range Provides an external number for easy...

HID ISOProx II Proximity Access Card (100 Qty)

HID ISOProx II Proximity Access Card  - (N) = No Slot Punch, (V) = Slot Punch for Vertical Hanging, (H) = Slot Punch for Horizontal Hanging The ISOProx II, allows...

HID MicroProx (100 Qty)

HID MicroProx HID MicroProx

HID ProxKey III Proximity Keyfob (10 Qty)

HID ProxKey III Proximity Keyfob HID ProxKey III Proximity Keyfob

HID Wiegand Proximity Cards

HID Wiegand Proximity Cards (100 min qty) HID Wiegand Proximity Cards (Clam Shell) Slightly thicker, 2-piece construction clam-shell w/ slot punch for strap on narrow side for vertical hanging