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3D Graphic Maps

We'll convert your 2D floor plans into beautiful color 3D floor plans that can include furniture and be used within UnityIS. Supports area and device plotting for readers, door locks,...

Axis Panel Connection Fee

Axis Panel Connection Fee One time (non-recurring) fee per Axis Panel to connect to UnityIS.  The Connection Fee is non-refundable.  No discounts apply.  Supports A1001 firmware up to 1.57.

Biometric Module

Fingerprint sensor Optical (MorphoSmart™) Identification time ≤ 1 second Anti-fraud functions Detection of dead fingers, false fingers and fingers under stress Collecting area 14 x 22 mm / 0.55’’ x...

Blue Credential

Mobile Credential Multi-Mode Private ID Multi-Mode Identification: Card Mode, Remote Mode, Tap Tap Mode, Slide Mode, Hands-Free Mode, Voice Use with readers: R-S-Mobile-M (does not support slide mode), R-S-Mobile-W, R-S-Mobile-K

Core Vision Platform

Includes real-time alert dashboard, heat map dashboard, smart hash tag, camera health management, outdoor and indoor map, live view, VMS/NVR playback, LDAP integration, GDPR, smartphone APP.

Cybersecurity Assessment Reporting (IPMeter)

Overview The IPMeter device is shipped to the customer site. The customer will connect the IPMeter device to the network and leave it connected for 24 hours. During this time,...

Cybersecurity In-House Pen Test

 In-House Lab Pen Test (for Manufacturers): Customized lab assessments and security analysis where devices are pen tested until the point of failure. Investigation, testing, and observation 

Database Conversion (Hourly Rate)

Convert database from another system and/or format into IS2000.  Import can be setup to be a one-time import or periodic import that can auto-download to field hardware and can be...

Engineering Services

We offer various software development services that can be tailored to your requirements. Web Development Mobile App Development Driver Development for Hardware Integration Database Programming Business Intelligence

Enrollment Reader

WEDGE Desktop Reader Keyboard emulation Secure storage EAL5+ +Bluetooth® mode Options for configured, QWERTY and AZERTY  

Evaluation Services

Evaluation services to determine if a product has been damaged and/or is defective.

Facial Recognition

Enable the rapid search of a person in a video footage based on an input image of the person’s face. By having the search engine based on artificial intelligence and...